Players are speedrunning Stray in record time already

Despite only being released around two weeks ago, the cat sim and adventure game Stray has already got people finishing it in under one hour.

YouTuber Erims recently set a record finish time with 54 minutes – an impressive accomplishment for a game that takes regular players several hours to complete.

However, speedrunning has multiple different categories, and Erim was also able to complete the game in 49 minutes using glitches and exploits to shave off time.

Speedrunners often find increasingly more efficient ways to beat games – usually through glitches and exploits.

Speedrunners have been able to complete titles such as Hades and the Dark Souls games in staggeringly low amounts of time, so while impressive, the Stray speedrunners are likely to reduce the time needed for the game even further.

It will be interesting to see just how quickly the game can be completed.

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Players are speedrunning Stray in record time already

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