Big Cyberpunk 2077 update to be unveiled today – But it won’t include New Game+


CD Projekt Red is hosting a special stream at 17:00 SAST this evening where it will provide more information about the much-anticipated Patch 1.6 for its popular Cyberpunk 2077 game.

It will also provide more information about Cyberpunk: Edgerunners – a 10-part Netflix anime series that will launch on 13 September.

According to the publisher, tonight’s stream will comprise a special episode of Night City Wire – which previously existed as a 5-part video series that previewed Cyberpunk 2077 before its launch.

There will also be an episode of REDstreams, where CD Projekt RED Acting Lead Level Designer Miles Tost will unpack the new content that is announced during Night City Wire.

Cyberpunk has remained fairly quiet on the features that could be added to the game, although an Instagram post mentioned that the next update will include “Edgerunners-inspired content & missions, new weapons, and new features.”

Another feature that is expected to launch in the new patch is transmog – this tweet was in response to a question about the feature:

Transmog is the ability to take clothing with high stats and make it look like other outfits that are more aesthetically appropriate.

This is a common feature in RPGs as it allows players to wear clothing that suits their character without compromising on stats.

Unfortunately, one heavily-requested feature that will seemingly not be included in the update is New Game+, as Senior Community Manager “Lilayah” said the following in a now-deleted Tweet:


New Game+ allows players who have completed a game’s main story to restart it with benefits from their first playthrough remaining unlocked – often including weapons and clothing.

The Cyberpunk 2077 community had speculated that this feature could be included in the update because a recent trailer included the player character using a late-game augmentation in an early-game sequence:

Click here to watch the stream live at 17:00 on Tuesday 6 September.


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Big Cyberpunk 2077 update to be unveiled today – But it won’t include New Game+

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