City sim on a monster – The Wandering Village gets release date

The unique city-sim, The Wandering Village, gets a release date on Steam and will enter into Early Access on 14 September.

The Wandering Village puts players in control of a settlement built upon the back of a vast dinosaur-like creature named Onbu.

Players will decide how their settlement develops and how it interacts with Onbu, either creating a symbiotic relationship or perhaps a parasitic one.

As Onbu wanders through a strange and deadly world, you’ll be able to build up your settlement like other classic strategy games such as Rise of Nations or Age of Empires – constructing farms and towers while researching new technologies.

The added problem, or advantage, of the settlement’s relationship with the vast beast adds a beautiful layer of consequence to this management.

Should your citizens become desperate, they may begin drawing blood from Onbu to survive, or one of the great beasts’ back spins might be in the way of a needed construction, along with myriad other issues to deal with.

The Wandering Village is an interesting take on the city and empire management genre worth a look at if you enjoy games like Age of Empires or Frostpunk.

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City sim on a monster – The Wandering Village gets release date

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