How to drastically reduce Skyrim’s system requirements

Skyrim Dragonborn

The guys who bought us the infamous ICEnhancer mods for Grand Theft Auto (which made it look ridiculously amazing) have done it again, but this time in reverse.

When used in conjunction with the TESV Reduced Texture Pack by alex30001, the Performance  and bugfix ENBSeries 092 Patch 5  by Boris Vorontsov reportedly makes the game playable on older hardware that would otherwise not be able to make it past the first load screen.

We can’t confirm this personally because MyGaming staff have a tendency toward blowing our meagre wages on butch gaming PC hardware, but commenters over on Reddit seem to confirm that it’s legit.

One user claims he was able to run the game on a Celeron 3.0 GHz CPU with 2GB of RAM and a paltry GeForce 210 512MB graphics card.

He even took a screenshot; while the graphics take an expected knock, its surprisingly not that hideous.

Skyrim low texture screenshot

Apart from making the game playable on rubbish old computers, the Performance and bugfix ENBSSeries 092 Patch 5 also claims to make it more stable, so it may be worth checking out even for gamers with high-end gaming PCs.

While Skyrim has received extremely positive reviews from critics, it is not without its flaws.

Fortunately, Bethesda supports custom user created mods which are capable of tweaking pretty much every aspect of the game, from character model improvements, to better blood textures, a full 3D map and a better inventory system.

If you are interested in cranking your Skyrim experience up to 11, be sure to check out our full Skyrim mods starter guide.

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  • freqzon

    Hello i my basic config are 2.4 GHz,CPU with 1GB of ram and Geforce 6200 LE it’s really old PC but still not soo bad plz if someone can post this mod here i would really like to try my luck for Skyrim my favourite GAME!!! THANK YOU!

  • Gatta

    Oh, come on… I’m playing it right now on a 1.3 GHz Intel Centrino 2 (you read it right, 1.3 GHz), with a 512 MB ATI Radeon graphics card and 4 GB of RAM, without any mods… Believe me, playing Skyrim on a computer (or laptop, like mine) like this one it’s not such a big deal; it has some serious lag sometimes (especially when fighting dragons or more than 5-6 people), but it’s entirely playable…

How to drastically reduce Skyrim’s system requirements

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