Beware of saving passwords in your web browser

Saving passwords in Firefox makes it easy to access websites requiring you to log in without having to remember your username and password, but it comes with a significant security risk.

A full list of all your saved passwords in Firefox is available to anyone within a few clicks if they gain access to your computer.

Gamers may leave their system vulnerable while attending a LAN, an especially dangerous move when attending a public event.

The procedure to see all your saved passwords is simple:  Tools/Options >> Options >> Security >> Saved Passwords >> Show passwords.

There is luckily an easy way to protect your saved passwords in Firefox (apart from making sure that you never leave your computer unattended) – set a master password.

To set a master password Tools/Options >> Options >> Security >> Select “Use a master password”.

Using a master password makes surfing the web less convenient, but removing the risk of having all your passwords exposed may be worth it.

Article courtesy of MyBroadband – Beware saving passwords in your browser

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Beware of saving passwords in your web browser

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