SimCity Social launched on Facebook

Ahead of SimCity 5’s launch next year, SimCity Social for Facebook has applied for the necessary permits, organised its zoning, and been granted planning permission to begin construction on Facebook. Now we just wait for the alien monster. Or your mom to “Like” it. Whichever comes first.

“Facebook gamers have been waiting a long time for the original and best city-building game to come to the platform,” said Jami Laes, Vice President of Global Studios for developer Playfish. “This isn’t your typical drag and drop city-building game. Players don’t just build a city – they choose the kind of city they want and watch its soul come to life as it grows and reacts to their decisions. With SimCity Social, we’ve taken the best in social gaming design and married it with unprecedented depth to create an all-new deeply social experience.”

“Over the years EA has continued to bring major brands such as The Sims to Facebook,” said Sean Ryan, Director of Games Partnerships, Facebook. “SimCity Social is a great addition, and we look forward to another high quality game becoming available to the hundreds of millions of people who play games on Facebook each month.”

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to create a dystopian metropolis for my friends to visit. And stay forever. Because they can’t leave.

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SimCity Social launched on Facebook

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