Diablo 3 one-year birthday celebrated with forum game

Diablo 3 launched one year ago, and in celebration of the demonic action-RPG getting its baby-teeth, the Diablo 3 community launched a forum game to keep the dungeon-dwellers busy.

“Diablo III launched one year ago today… and we thought it could be fun to play a game of Diablo III in a way that has never been done before – a game that is controlled by one of us in the Community Team, but played by all of you in the Community,” said Nakatoir of the Blizzard community.

“This game is something of a fun little experiment; so we have no idea how it will end, but that is part of the fun – The community as a whole will create and play a single hardcore character until the character dies or the Skeleton King is slain.”

All seven European Diablo III forum communities contributed to the game, voting on what the class the character should be, and deciding on the next move judged from screenshots taken by the original player.

Needless to say, the hardcore female demon hunter, named BirthdayGirl, made it to the Skeleton King and defeated him, thanks to the advice from the community.

If you’d like to check how the forum game panned out, check out the thread.

Source: Battle.net

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Diablo 3 one-year birthday celebrated with forum game

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