Diablo 3 gamers killed 3.3 trillion monsters so far

Diablo 3 infographic

Blizzard is celebrating the one-year birthday of its demonic offspring, Diablo 3, and in celebration of the full-calendar existence of the game, the publisher has released a lengthy infographic detailing some of the game’s more impressive stats.

Some interesting, and somewhat frightening, numbers include the average number of hours played per day – which sits at 8.2 million for all the players combined.

The total number of hours spent defending Sanctuary have racked up to equal 930 years.

In terms of the 67.1 million character created, 91% went for a normal character, while the remainder decided to go hardcore.

In terms of the enemies that saw their fate, over 3.3 trillion monsters have been killed in Diablo 3 to date.

There’s a whole bunch of other facts worth checking out on the full Diablo 3 infographic.

The Diablo community also celebrated the one-year anniversary by participating in a large-scale forum game.

Diablo 3 - 1 year anniversary infographic

Diablo 3 – 1 year anniversary infographic – click to enlarge

Source: Battle.net

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Diablo 3 gamers killed 3.3 trillion monsters so far

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