GTA 5 PC increasingly likely

GTA 5 has taken over the world with record-breaking sales and a mind-blowing critical response, but the question of whether a PC version is coming is still up in the air – but according to Intel, it’s only a matter of time.

PC Gamer’s Dave James sat down with Chris R. Silva, Director of Marketing for Intel’s Premium Notebooks, to discuss the impact on the PC market lacking such a big game like GTA 5.

“I think it hurt Halo overall,” said Silva, referring to Microsoft’s persistence to keep Halo a Xbox exclusive. “At least with Grand Theft Auto I don’t think it’ll be console exclusive very long. But that’s what happens when you have a brand new launch with two companies that have lots of money trying to make sure they have content.”

Silva also said that the game is currently a console exclusive due to a business move. “Somebody paid a lot of money to make sure that title was exclusive,” he suggested.

Silva also added that the PC market is massive and Rockstar has always reaped the benefits of having their games on the keyboard-and-mouse platform.

“The PC gaming ecosystem just continues to grow,” said Silva. “If you look at the amount of revenue that is generated by PC gaming it’s in the tens of billions of dollars each year. It’s incredibly diverse and rich and that’s its greatest strength.”

This isn’t the first time a PC version of GTA 5 has popped up from the hardware-makers, as Nvidia’s Senior IR Director of Nvidia, Chris Evenden, suggested that a PC version was in development.

However, Nvidia has clarified its comment, saying it wasn’t alluding to an in-development PC version of the game, and mentioning the game as an example of an upcoming PC title was an error.

Source: PC Gamer

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GTA 5 PC increasingly likely

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