GTA 5 PC “leak” tricks pirates


With the PC version of GTA 5 still unannounced by Rockstar, some scammers created a legit-looking file download for the supposed version, one which was obviously damaging to those who downloaded it.

According to site metrics and seed ratios, the particular torrent of the fake GTA 5 PC game has been downloaded thousands of times. The file itself is 18GB and has an authentic-looking setup.exe file.

The torrent itself is verified and has a high SEO ranking, popping up right at the top of Google’s list when “GTA V PC torrent” is searched.

Piracy in itself is bad, but trying to download something that hasn’t even been announced is a shot in the dark at best.

Rockstar still hasn’t confirmed a PC version of GTA 5, but it’s expected that a keyboard-and-mouse version of the open-world crime epic will emerge, and a new report suggests it will be within the first quarter of 2014.

GTA 5 fake PC download

GTA 5 fake PC download

Source: WCCF Tech

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GTA 5 PC “leak” tricks pirates

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