Steam Machines and Steam OS will be open to all

Valve’s Gabe Newell was on Reddit recently to discuss something completely unrelated to gaming. However, participants managed to squeeze him for information on Steam Machines.

The main takeaway from the discussion was that Valve doesn’t intend to limit its Steam Machines and Steam OS platforms as seen on traditional consoles.

This means, in Newell’s example, companies such as EA could launch their Origin client on the Steam OS.

Basically, this means Steam Machines and Steam OS will be more like the traditional PC environment where users have many choices of game vendor and aren’t locked to the platform holder’s store.

Whether EA will ever have games that run on Linux, is another debate entirely.

The real reason Gabe was chilling on Reddit was to promote his latest charity drive – he will be entering a car in the United States Sports Car Championship to raise money for the Seattle Children’s Hospital pediatric cardiology unit.

If he raises US$500,000 for the hospital, Newell said he will do a Reddit “ask me anything” session.

Source: GamesIndustry

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Steam Machines and Steam OS will be open to all

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