Sid Meier’s new Starships game announced for PC

PC gamers with an affinity for spaceships, space travel, and space war, you will be pleased to hear that Firaxis has announced a game just for you.

Titled Sid Meier’s Starships, the game will be released for PC, Mac, and iPad, and is set to become available in “early 2015”.

Gamers will be tasked with designing, building, and commanding their own fleet of starships while protecting the galaxy from, presumably, some sort of evil.

“Develop different kinds of weapons, stealth abilities, armour and shields. Put all the different pieces of a ship together in different ways, to get different kinds of ships. Some will be fast, others will be powerful, some are used for stealth, and your role will to be the admiral of this fleet,” Meier told Eurogamer.

Those who purchased Civilization: Beyond Earth will see some familiar faces in Starships, with cross-game story connections expected.

To claim victory in Starships you will have to achieve one of the following goals:

  • Population Victory: control more than half of the galaxy.
  • Science Victory: lead civilisations in terms of technology and science.
  • Classic Victory: eliminate your opponents.

The game’s announcement trailer is embedded below.

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Sid Meier’s new Starships game announced for PC

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