Mario 64 – play it in your browser now

Mario 64

Mario 64, one of the greatest 3D platformers of all time, is an elusive title to get hold of, but someone has managed to use an emulator to get the Nintendo 64 gem running in a browser window, letting you play anytime, anywhere. Or wherever your PC is at the very least.

Developer Roystan Ross is the man behind the project, who has recreated the game’s first level, Bob-Omb Battlefield, with impressive accuracy and improved visuals to boot.

You can play the game in your Bowser browser using a Unity plug-in. The level layout and physics are virtually identical, and you can control Mario with either your keyboard or a gamepad.

Check out the video below and check out Roystan’s page here:

So that’s it, what did you think? Impressed? What games would you like to see emulated, they may actually be already.

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Mario 64 – play it in your browser now

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