LEGO unveils its Minecraft competitor: LEGO Worlds

If your Minecraft addiction needs a little bit of a pick-me-up, then there’s another game on the market that’s going to consume all your time – and it’s from the original block-builders themselves.

LEGO has announced LEGO Worlds, a new sandbox game that not only allows you to build structures and fight off critters, but also alter terrain on a large scale and access ready-made drivable vehicles (including dragons).

It looks a heck of a lot like Minecraft if we’re honest. The digger and dragon are pretty freaking awesome though. And no, there is no better way to describe those modes of travel.

The game is available on Steam’s Early Access, and while there are only a few LEGO sets available as of this moment, there’s no doubt that hundreds will be added over the course of the game’s life (and they’ll probably make us pay for them).

LEGO Worlds is also set to get multiplayer, which will only arrive  at a later stage too.

Check out the LEGO Worlds Beta on Steam Early Access and the announcement trailer below:

So far, the feedback from Steam’s user base has been rather good. That said, it’s early days for LEGO Worlds.

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LEGO unveils its Minecraft competitor: LEGO Worlds

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