PC Gaming may be EA’s most profitable single platform

PC Gaming is EA's most profitable single platform

In a similar vein to Ubisoft, who also reported the solid profitability of the PC platform, EA’s recent earning results show that PC gaming is quite possibly their most single profitable platform.

According to their non-GAAP figures, a somewhat more accurate portrayal of reliable profitability in this case, you can see that PC gaming is responsible for 21% of net revenue in the most recent quarter.


EA - Total Non-GAAP Net Revenue

EA’s total non-GAAP net revenue for Q1 – 4 Financial Year 15 – 16.


Of course, Xbox One and PS4 revenue accounts for a larger portion, but that number, 41%, is shared between two platforms.

Granted, the PS4 share may be larger than the PC’s 21%, but that doesn’t detract from the profitability of PC gaming.

And don’t forget that PC gaming is only becoming more popular, not less.

Just keep that number in mind before deciding on how to handle PC game development or porting EA.

Don’t be like Warner Bros. Don’t pull a Batman.

For an understanding of what GAAP and non-GAAP figures are, you might want to check out this article by Business Insider.

Source: WCCF Tech

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PC Gaming may be EA’s most profitable single platform

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