Windows 10 has already reached over 53 million devices

Windows 10 has already reached over 53 million devices

Having reached nearly 14 million devices just a few days after launch, it’s little surprise that Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10, has quickly become so prolific.

It may have its problems, some really quite serious, but Windows 10 has clearly done something right because it’s apparently now hit the 53 million downloads mark.

According to WCCF Tech and analytics website StatCounter, Windows 10 is already running on more than 53 million devices, giving it a 4.95% market share in no time flat – it means a download rate of 1500 devices a second.

That’s already around one third of Windows 8.1’s market share as of July, coming in at 13.09% suggests NetMarketShare.

Of course, that does raise a few concerns when you consider the number of users that now have to deal with Microsoft’s shenanigans.

Unavoidable automatic updates and a dubious software blocking policy aside, the OS is going to charge you for a number of utilities and applications you won’t at first notice missing.

Microsoft has to accrue the cost of releasing the OS for free, this we understand, but it’s the lack of clarity and a non-disclosure-esque policy that we have issue with.

Either way, Windows 10 is going to be a force to reckon with, though that does mean demanding some answers from the nerds who developed it.

If you’d like to disable automatic updates for Windows 10, might we suggest this guide.

Source: WCCF Tech

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Windows 10 has already reached over 53 million devices

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