Ubisoft wants to win back PC gamers

Ubisoft is a publisher with a checkered past. They’ve told us in the past that they want to change their ways, and even though the PC market is their second highest earner, they still keep releasing broken games.

But once again, Ubisoft seem to be changing their tune for the better. Although in all honesty, this could all be a PR stunt as well.

Of course, there’s no reason to believe Ubisoft may change their ways because they’ve always been at odds with PC gamers.

Most PC versions of their popular titles come with DRM in one form or another and are also launched at a much later date in comparison to their console counterparts.

These PC ports always nearly release in a broken state to the dismay of the PC gaming community.

But as we stated earlier it appears they are indeed changing their tune. Ubisoft recently joined the Open Gaming Alliance swearing their commitment to the PC platform and PC gamers.

Ubisoft’s consumer and marketing director, Sandrine Caloiaro, had this to say:

PC gamers are important to Ubisoft, and we’re committed to better understanding and addressing their needs and to continually improving our relationship with them. By joining the OGA, we’re able to glean gamer insights from their research, learn from best practices in our industry, and contribute to the group’s upcoming initiatives.

We really hope that Ubisoft can change their ways, make improvements to their PC ports and release playable games to the PC market.

Building their reputation anew is a hard path, but if they can it would earn them a lot of respect. But as the old adage goes “actions speak louder than words” and it’s very true in this particular case.

Source: GamingBolt, DSOGaming

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Ubisoft wants to win back PC gamers

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