Steam Sales to abandon daily deals and flash sales

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As The Mighty Gaben says, so shall it be.

From now on and forever more, Steam sales will no longer consist of Daily Deals and Flash Sales, and we’re assuming that community driven sales are included in that list as well.

According to a notice sent out by Valve to developers and publishers of games on Steam, as confirmed by Eurogamer, Steam sales will do away with Daily Deals as well as Flash Sales and, instead, will consist entirely of games at their maximum possible discount from start to end.

We’ll still be highlighting your top games on the front page for 24-48 hour spans, but those products will stay at their most competitive discount, before and after being featured,” Valve wrote.

“It’s not a major change, but it does make the sale a lot more valuable for customers, and it allows us to build sale features that recommend your product all sale long, instead of just during its front page feature.

“For a brand new release, if you can’t get approval for your best discount for the full length of the sale, that’s OK and we can work on a plan for that game. But the vast majority of your catalog should be running its best discount for the duration of the sale.”

The changes will almost certainly mitigate some of the fun and excitement of Steam sales. The anticipation of the next Daily Deal or Flash Sale, as you hunt high and low for the best possible deals and discounts, is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the sales, but they’re not exactly practical.

Less exciting as it may be, it’s also a lot less stressful, especially if you’ve been in the situation of having bought a game minutes before a new Flash Sale offers the game you just bought with a larger discount attached.

It also makes a lot more sense for those of us who don’t have the time to invest into watching the sale each and every day, much as we enjoy them.

And let’s face it, it’s always been about buying more games than you can possibly play for ludicrously low prices. And it sounds like these new changes will make that easier to do.

Steam’s autumn sale, by the way, begins on November 25th and runs until December 1st.

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Steam Sales to abandon daily deals and flash sales

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