Here’s what the Guitar Hero MMO would have looked like

Footage has surfaced of a cancelled music MMO – Hero World, that would have linked the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero franchises.

Youtuber Liam Robertson published footage of the cancelled game to the Unseen64 channel.

Roberston claims the project was formulated by DJ Hero/Guitar Hero developer FreeStyle Games following the 2010 release of DJ Hero 2, successfully pitched to Activision, and ultimately given to defunct Dutch developer Virtual Fairground to build using the studio’s Flash-based browser MMO engine The Ride.


Hero World was being designed as a persistent MMORPG with an accompanying Facebook game, but was reportedly cancelled by Activision in early 2011 as part of a widespread culling of Hero game projects.

No mention was made as to how Robertson obtained the footage. You can check out the never-before-seen gameplay below:

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Here’s what the Guitar Hero MMO would have looked like

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