Watch – Outlast II’s new gameplay trailer is terrifying

Outlast 2 featured

PAX East 2016 showcased a variety of games, including Outlast 2 – the terrifying sequel to Outlast that adds improved visuals and an even scarier environment.

The original Outlast was set in a mental asylum, creating a maze-like map for the player to escape.

Outlast 2 features a very different setting, an expansive village with cornfields and scarecrows, that manages to convey even more creepiness than the previous game.

Both games feature survival-horror mechanics, where the player must attempt to escape and cannot physically fight their pursuers.

As the player cannot physically harm their enemies, they must instead must focus on saving batteries to power their night-vision camera and hiding in order to avoid conflict.

Outlast 2 is set to release in the second half of 2016.

Watch the official Outlast 2 gameplay below – if you’re brave enough.

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Watch – Outlast II’s new gameplay trailer is terrifying

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