Doom creators unveil new fast-paced first-person shooter – Blackroom

Blackroom Kickstarter

Doom creators John Romero and Adrian Carmack have reunited to create a new, fast-paced FPS titled Blackroom.

The project has been announced on Kickstarter, and aims to recapture the fast-paced action and visceral combat presented in games like DOOM and Duke Nukem.

Blackroom is an arena shooter which will feature a collection of drastically different levels, allowing for diverse gameplay and unique multiplayer.

Gameplay occurs within a holographic world that is constructed inside a giant black room. These holograms may range from sci-fi settings to Wild-West landscapes. The degree of freedom offered by the level design will hopefully allow for many different and interesting maps.

Blackroom will feature classic shooter mechanics, including rocket jumping, ensuring that gameplay is fluid and action-packed.

The Kickstarter campaign will continue for another 32 days (as of today 25 April) and has a crowdfunding goal of $700,000.

If successfully funded the game will release for PC in Winter 2018 and will feature full modding support, dedicated servers and local multiplayer.

You can read more about Blackroom and help fund the campaign here.

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Doom creators unveil new fast-paced first-person shooter – Blackroom

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