This may be the worst performing game of the generation

Expert framerate and performance assessors, Digital Foundry, have been putting games to the test for quite some time, but never have they seen such a disastrous scorecard as that provided by Lichdom: Battlemage.

Lichdom is a console port of a two-year-old PC game that doesn’t seem to have made the jump to Xbox One and PS4 very successfully, or at all for that matter. Here’s what Digital Foundry had to say:

“There’s no beating around the bush here – Lichdom is a game that rarely manages to deliver a frame-rate north of twenty frames per second.


In fact, the PlayStation 4 clocks up an average frame-rate of just 15fps across the run of play, with dips as low as 10fps.


On top of that, frame-time latencies can be astonishingly high with some remarkable stutter. We’ve run the rule over a multitude of titles since we started frame-rate testing console games back in 2008 – and we’re pretty sure we’ve never seen anything quite as bad as this.”

The funny thing is that Lichdom is actually a pretty decent game, with the original PC version pulling in some good reviews and creating a positive legacy for itself thanks to its strong story, graphics, voice acting, and customisation system.

Check out the Digital Foundry video below:

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This may be the worst performing game of the generation

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