Professional South African CS: GO player banned

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Major Championship

Professional South African Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player, Invert has received a VAC ban for using a script on an alternate account.

Invert has played CS:GO professionally in South Africa for nearly ten years and frequently attended competitive events.

Invert’s team, Virtue quickly disassociated themselves from the player, stating on Lazygamer that he would no longer be representing the team:

We brought Invert into the team as a reserve earlier this year and have to date had no indications that he may have been using any ‘cheats’.


As soon as we learnt of his ban we immediately removed him from our roster. We in no way condone cheating and have thus disassociated ourselves with the player until proven innocent.


We will leave it to him to make an official statement as to “what happened” but would like to also mention that he has not represented our team in any competitive / DGL matches to date.

Invert has not made a statement on the ban himself, but in the same release given by Virtue, they state:

“He used a bunny-hopping script on his spoof account for non-competitive play, but that VAC somehow identified this as a form of cheating and subsequently banned his spoof account which immediately spilled through to his main competitive account.”

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Professional South African CS: GO player banned

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