Coolest Virtual Reality games for the Rift and Vive

Virtual Reality games

The gaming world is quickly moving into the realm of virtual reality, with the Vive and Rift rolling out to consumers around the world.

The new age of gaming will soon be upon us – and various games are being released that showcase the amazing potential of VR technology.

Check out our picks of the coolest VR games currently available.


Race and fly space-cars on a collection of amazing tracks in this Tron-like multiplayer racing title.

Vanishing Realms

Vanishing Realms is an addictive role-playing game that features revolutionary sword combat, courtesy of the Vive’s controllers.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Although Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes can be played using a computer screen, the epic party game it is best experienced in virtual reality.

Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is the most badass VR game on the market right now. At its heart it’s Space Invaders in VR, but the gameplay makes players feel like gun-slinging space cowboys.

EVE: Valkyrie

Eve Valkyrie is a great VR title which can be played from a seated position, and immerses players in futuristic space warfare.

Hover Junkers

Hover Junkers is a close contender for the best VR game currently available. The gameplay is totally unique, and the developers have used a ton of the Vive’s hidden potential to create something revolutionary.

War Thunder

Cockpit games lend themselves well to VR, as both the player and character are seated permanently. Warframe is compatible with VR headsets and is the most realistic multiplayer flight simulator with extensive VR support.

Elite: Dangerous

Another cockpit game, Elite: Dangerous is one of the first mainstream titles to embrace VR support, and it interfaces well with the VR headsets – immersing players in a virtual universe.


Audioshield the inevitable Guitar Hero spin-off for the VR platform, and it actually looks like a lot of fun and is compatible with the HTC Vive.

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Coolest Virtual Reality games for the Rift and Vive

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