AMD’s high-end Vega graphics cards could launch in October

AMD Radeon Vega October

AMD’s upcoming top-of-the-line graphics cards may be launched as early as October 2016, reports.

The company is set to reveal its Polaris architecture later this month, which will cater for the mid-range PC gaming market, featuring exceptional power efficiency and budget pricing.

Although the Polaris reveal will probably produce some powerful graphics cards, AMD’s real competitor to Nvidia’s GTX recently-announced 1080 will be the upcoming Vega architecture.

The Vega architecture promises massive amounts of processing power coupled with a new type of memory – HBM2.

These powerful graphics cards will not feature the value-oriented focus of the Polaris cards, instead catering for the hardcore and enthusiast PC gaming market.

It has been rumoured that the new graphics cards will be revealed alongside Battlefield 1 in October 2016, as oppose to its expected 2017 launch date.

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AMD’s high-end Vega graphics cards could launch in October

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