Watch this developer play PC games on the PlayStation 4

Sony PS4

A developer has managed to play PC games on a PlayStation 4, using Steam and Linux.

The PlayStation 4 uses architecture similar to a normal desktop computer, which means that users will inevitably use various hacks to adapt the console’s software.

YouTube user OsirisX has gotten Linux to boot on the PlayStation 4, which means that the device can run Steam and certain Linux-compatible games.

Booting Linux on the PS4 is no simple task however, as it requires the console to be using old firmware (1.76 or below).

Only games compatible with SteamOS or Linux can be played, and the performance is relatively poor, meaning that users will have to lower graphics settings for playable framerates.

The hack also requires that users install certain Radeon libraries created by the fail0verflow team.

Check out OsirisX running Steam on the PlayStation 4 below:

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Watch this developer play PC games on the PlayStation 4

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