Drama over Fallout 4’s “stolen” Xbox One mods

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Drama is brewing over several Xbox One mods which appear to be “stolen”.

The majority of the mods currently available on the Xbox Store also feature on PC, although many of them do not properly credit their sources or authors.

The issue came to a head on Reddit when the mod creator of “Spawn Items” (at the time of publication the second-most popular mod for Fallout 4 on Xbox One) included a copy of the popular mod already available for the PC version.

In a Twitter response to the issue, Bethesda’s PR and Marketing Chief Pete Hines said that the best way to combat the mods was to report them.

Mods were only recently introduced to the Xbox One version of Fallout 4, with claims that the market was already “50 times bigger than that of PC”.

The PS4 is expected to receive its mod update some time in June 2016.

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Drama over Fallout 4’s “stolen” Xbox One mods

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