Battlefield 1’s incredible new weapons

The news that the new Battlefield game would be set in WWI was easily one of the biggest surprises of the year.

However with this new setting, DICE will have to revamp a number of the series’ core mechanics in order to accurately reflect they type of fighting that took place.

A Q&A posted on the Battlefield website addresses these concerns, as weapon designer Julian Schimeck tells us exactly what to expect about the game’s tools of war:

Weapon balance

“The weapons of Battlefield 1 are a bit more specialized. To get the most out of them, you have to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, and use the right one in the right situation.

Putting your weapon to good use will feel more rewarding than ever before.”

Categories and presets

“There are your Shotguns (great for blasting enemies from up close), SMGs (made for short range rapid-fire), LMGs (amazing at tearing things apart from medium range), Semi Autos (balanced and powerful), Sidearms (great in a pinch), and Sniper Rifles (which do exactly what you think).

Maybe you want a shotgun that packs a little more punch? Or maybe you’d rather one that trades stability for accuracy?

The different weapon Pre-Sets should help you out. Some have up to three, giving you different ways to play with the same weapons. You’re able to customize them as well, changing the zoom levels, reticles, and more.”

Customisation options

“Most weapons will allow you to equip bayonets or alter their handling, as well as changing your weapons sights’ magnification.

We also have amazing weapon skins, which we’ll talk more about in the coming months.”

Close-quarter combat

“Getting up-close and personal with your enemies was much more common in World War 1 than in other wars of the 20th century.

We designed a number of distinct melee weapon types to take advantage of this, each featuring different attack speeds and damage output.

Being able to close the gap between you and your enemy is important, especially when you’re going for a melee kill.

Attaching a Bayonet to the end of your gun helps make that a little easier, letting you charge at your enemies. Make contact, and they’re on the fast track to the graveyard.”

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Battlefield 1’s incredible new weapons

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