Bioshock Collection surfaces again, then submerges

Easily the worst-kept secret at the moment is that 2K Games is currently working on a remastered Bioshock collection.

The still-yet-to-be-announced game, which is rumoured to feature Bioshock 1, 2, and Infinite, first popped up on an Australian classification board before appearing on a local online store. It’s now made an appearance on a more official source: the 2K website.

Artwork and screenshots of the game were showcased on the official 2K website before being pulled down soon after, but, as we’ve learnt every time this happens, the internet is WAY too fast, and some screengrabs were taken.


Cover art for Bioshock: The Collection.

Admittedly, the PC has enjoyed prettier and more technically proficient versions of all three games since day one, so reworked version hitting the current-gen consoles (perhaps to promote an upcoming installment?) should come as no surprise.

There’s always the possibility that 2K will further enhance the games for PC though too, perhaps with nicer textures or lighting effects, or with some new features in the game. We’ll know for sure when BioShock: The Collection is inevitably announced by 2K — but until that time, the rating has the game pegged for a release later this year.

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Bioshock Collection surfaces again, then submerges

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