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If you are looking for a new TV or something to play on Xbox One, we have you covered with this week’s deals.

There are some great products on sale across South Africa, from consoles to MacBooks.

PlayStation 4 500GB + 2 Games – R6,300 (Dion Wired)

PS4 500GB + 2 games

Xbox One 500Gb+ 2 Games – R5,990 (Game)

Xbox One 500Gb Game

LG 55-inch UHD TV – R11,990 (Dion Wired)

LG 55 inch WebOS

Hisense 55-Inch Full HD TV – R7,790 (Dion Wired)

Hisense 55 inch FHD

Samsung 55-inch UHD TV – R15,990 (Game)

Samsung 55-inch UHD

Sansui 32-inch LED TV – R2,299 (Hi Fi Corporation)

Sansui 32-inch

Sansui 39-inch Smart TV – R3,499 (Incredible Connection)

Sansui 29-inch

LG 25-inch Ultrawide LED Monitor -R2,999 (Makro)

LG 24-inch widescreen monitor

Dell 24-inch LED Monitor – R2,599 (Makro)

Dell 24-inch Monitor

GX 7.1 Cavimanus Headset – R899 (Computers Only)

Genuis Gaming Headset

Lenovo A7 7-inch 3G Tablet – R1,990 (Game)

Lenovo A7 Tablet

iPad Pro 128GB – R19,999 (Incredible Connection)

iPad Pro

Seagate Backup Plus 6TB External HDD – R3,999 (Incredible Connection)

Seagate Bacup Plus6 6TB

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact – R7,999 (Incredible Connection)

Sony Xperia Z5 compact

DualShock 4 + Earphones- R1,099 (BT Games)

Dualshock + headphones

TigerShark GTX 960 2GB Gaming PC – R14,499 (Computers Only)

GTX 960 PC

GeForce GTX 970 Gaming PC – R14,299 (Evetech)

Intel Core i5 PC

MacBook Pro 13-inch – R14,499 (Incredible Connection)

MacBook Pro1 15-inch

Radeon R9 390X + Free Game Promo – R7,999 (Raru)

Radeon R9 390 + free game

Lenovo N990 Gaming Laptop bundle – R18,999 (Wootware)

Lenovo Gaming Laptop

DOOM (PlayStation Store)

PlayStation Store DOOM

Xbox Sale (Xbox Store)

Xbox Deals June Sale

Humble PC and Android Bundle (Humble Bundle)

Humble Android Bundle

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Awesome tech and gaming deals

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