Ana Amari is now playable in Overwatch

Ana Amari Overwatch

Blizzard has officially released the latest addition to the Overwatch hero lineup.

Ana Amari is a support sniper whose abilities both heal teammates and harm enemies.

Previously, the character was only playable if players opted in to the Overwatch Public Test Region.

In addition to the release of the new hero, Overwatch’s latest update implements a one-hero limit in Competitive Play, meaning that players will not be able to select two of the same hero in the game’s ranked mode.

D-Va and Zenyatta have both been re-worked, with D-Va’s Defensive Matrix becoming a toggle ability and Zenyatta seeing general improvements to survivability.

Currently, this patch is only active on the PC version of the game, meaning that console gamers will have to wait a little bit longer to try out Overwatch’s new support sniper.

To check out the full list of changes in Overwatch’s latest update, click here.

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Ana Amari is now playable in Overwatch

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