PlayStation owners watch out for this scam

A number of PlayStation account holders have reportedly become the target of a email phishing scam.

The email appears to be sent by Sony and asks you to validate your password, providing a link to have it checked or changed.

Clicking through and entering your password in the fake link will provide access to both access to your email and password – all that’s required to make changes to your account ownership.

This isn’t the first time a phony PlayStation email has done the rounds, although the two-factor authentication recently introduced in PS4’s recent 4.00 update should help combat this.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and PlayStation Network will never ask you to share your password for any reason.

Do not share your password with anyone, even if they claim to be asking on behalf of Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe or PlayStation Network.

If you believe you have been hacked, contact Sony immediately.


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PlayStation owners watch out for this scam

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