PlayStation VR gets a price cut


While the Playstation VR headset hasn’t been out for too long, Sony’s foray into the virtual reality gaming world is already getting a price-drop.

Announced via the Playstation blog, the PS VR headset bundles will be getting a notable cut, with a “new” bundle that includes the PlayStation VR headset and PlayStation Camera for $399 (around R5,200). This essentially gives you the PlayStation Camera at no extra charge, and will be the core PS VR bundle moving forward. That same bundle (headset and camera) now retails above the R7,000 mark.

Now, the announced price-drop is US specific, but the rest of the world and South Africa tend to follow suit soon after; so expect the price-tag on the PS VRs to look a little more appealing in the coming month or so.


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  • Carlos Corey Charm Klaasen

    More appealing? That’s still the same amount as paying for a brand new console.

  • Nick

    Well there is no cheaper option out there really? You looking at more than double that for Oculus or Vive…

  • Carlos Corey Charm Klaasen

    I get that it is the cheapest option out there currently and yes it is a good price cut. My point that I’m trying to make is that it is the same price as a console whereas it’s supposed to be an accessory

PlayStation VR gets a price cut

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