New PS4 controller pleases Xbox One fans

There are few things that can get people hot under the collar like console-allegiance debates – the Xbox vs Playstation battle has been raging ever since the PS2 and original Xbox became direct rivals.

One of the biggest differences, besides game library exclusives, is the individual controllers that the two different manufacturers use. Ever since the Xbox was initially released, its unique asymmetrical placement of the left analog stick won over many fans, and a lot of gamers swear by that choice.

Of course, if you’re a PS4 owner but you enjoy that particular analogue stick orientation, you’re a little unlucky – until now. Playstation has announced that Hori, an official Playstation licensed console accessory manufacturer, will soon be releasing the PS4 Onyx controller that features the Xbox controller layout, switching the position of the D-Pad and left analog stick.

It’s not exactly identical to the DualShock 4 controllers, though, as it doesn’t have the light bar at the back, or a built-in 3.5mm jack, so interested gamers will need to make a little bit of a compromise if they want to use it as their primary PS4 controller. It’s due to launch on the 15th January in the UK, but we’re still waiting for confirmation of availability in other markets.

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  • In other news.New Xbox One Keyboard and Mouse pleases the PC master Race. 😛

  • Ricardo Harvey

    Why remove the 3.5mm jack?

  • Troy Marcel


  • Nacon released a similar pro controller last year. Its PS official and its the best I have ever used. Nacon Revolution….

  • Nathan Kedis

    I’ve owned (and still do) every iteration of xbox/ps and I honestly never had a preference (with the exception of the “The Duke” which I f%*#ing hated coming from ps1) the only controller I couldn’t “grasp” was the GameCube which annoyed the heck outta me, either controller ps4 or Xbox one feels equally comfortable (of course I also didn’t mind the jaguar, so maybe I’m just weird)

  • nathan anders

    Nacon revolution had asymmetrical analogue sticks. Do your research

  • Ndlelenhle Njoko

    I’m glad it’s not something PlayStation is switching to, otherwise that would mark the end of my gaming hobby.

New PS4 controller pleases Xbox One fans

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