PS5’s Spartacus won’t offer best Xbox Game Pass feature

Sony’s new video game streaming service, codenamed Spartacus, will not give subscribers day one access to PlayStation exclusives.

Bloomberg recently reported that Spartacus will merge PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a single subscription, and many had hoped that the new service would give them immediate access to upcoming games like God of War Ragnarök, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Remake on their day of release.

This is something the Xbox Game Pass has done for a while now, and many consider this to be the best feature of the service.

Sony has not disclosed the reason for its decision, but there has been speculation that PlayStation Spartacus will be made available in different tiers, with each tier offering different perks of some sort.

While these perks won’t include day-one exclusives, Sony has confirmed that the new streaming service will allow subscribers to stream a large variety of games and even test out some demos for upcoming titles.

More details on the release of Sony’s PlayStation Spartacus are expected to be announced by the end of this month.

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PS5’s Spartacus won’t offer best Xbox Game Pass feature

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