Sony rumoured to be working on PS3 backwards compatibility

Sony is reportedly working on PS3 backwards compatibility for the PS5.

This comes from reputable inside Shpeshal_Nick who reported that his sources had told him that Sony is working on select PS3 backwards compatibility for PS5.

A common criticism of the PS5 is its underwhelming backwards compatibility, which only includes PS4.

While Sony does sometimes add ports of older PlayStation titles to the PS Plus Premium Classic Catalogue, the majority of older games are unavailable outside the service.

These games are playable only with a persistent internet connection on the PS5 and older physical media simply isn’t supported.

This cloud streaming system is also unavailable in some countries, which means many fans hoping to play older games need to use emulators on PC if they lack older hardware.

Should this rumour be true, this will go a long way in improving the PS5’s value offering and covering one of its chief failings.

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Sony rumoured to be working on PS3 backwards compatibility

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