Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Content Collection 4 review

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Content Collection 4

I know what you’re thinking – this DLC dropped in September already, so why are you only reading a review of it now? That’s because [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] on a [REDACTED] with a [REDACTED] just before [REDACTED], when suddenly the [REDACTED] and so obviously the monkeys had to be quarantined for their own safety, and James was treated for minor abrasions.

Anyway, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 4 adds five new maps for multiplayer and survival modes, including Decommission, Off Shore, Gulch, Boardwalk, and Parish.


Somewhat reminiscent of Modern Warfare 2’s Favela map, Decommission is a medium-sized map with tight, convoluted passages through and around a bunch of rotted, derelict ships and slum buildings, with a central flashpoint. There’s not much in the way of escalation or long sights, which puts fast-moving, mid- to close-range flanking tactics on top of the engagement protocols, while airborne support will be rather useless given the abundance of cover. A pretty decent deathmatch map, but much better for objective-based modes like Headquarters and Sabotage.

call of duty modern warfare 3 decommission map

Oh yeah? Well, I decommissioned your mom.

Off Shore

This crowded, multi-level, lasertag-style map set on an oil rig in the middle of the sea is the perfect place to set up camp and stay put. Seriously, moving around this place is very likely to incur one of those instantly regrettable fell-off-and-died scenarios that you’d probably sooner avoid. The layout of this map lends itself very (in)conveniently to sniper-dominated play, with one crane extending far back enough to give you a view of the entire thing, and give everybody else a view of you. True story.

call of duty modern warfare 3 off shore map

Mind the gaps.


Instantly my favourite of the bunch, Gulch features broad, curvy thoroughfares through a dusty mining town, topped with an overwatch position around the cliffs in the middle. Again, the layout is heavily in favour of snipers, although the more open design makes staying in one place a risky proposition.

call of duty modern warfare 3 gulch map

You got Team Fortress 2 all up in my Modern Warfare 3.


Under the boardwalk, out of the sun
Under the boardwalk, we’ll be havin’ some fun
Under the boardwalk, people walking above
Under the boardwalk, we’ll be arming the bomb

With only a single mid- to long(ish)-range kill corridor, Boardwalk is much better suited to more… intimate encounters. Knives and shotguns rule this former beachfront wonderland, turning it into the sort of carnival sideshow attraction you’d expect to see in one of those 80s movies featuring kids in a van on a cross-country trip to hell. The positioning of corners on this map also makes it very easy to get dug in and control areas for survival and objective-based modes.

call of duty modern warfare 3 boardwalk map

Under the boooOOOOOaaardwaaaaalk… STABSTABSTAB.


New Orleans’ French Quarter gets a post-war extreme makeover with fashionably bombed-out military accessories. Narrow conduits through the alleyways and rubble make this a great map for quick run-‘n’-gun deathmatch, but a frustrating one for objective-based modes when maintaining a position for any real length of time is almost impossible amidst the inevitable deluge of grenades.

call of duty modern warfare 3 parish map

No time for Chartreuse.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Content Collection 4 review

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