Forza Horizon Rally expansion review (Xbox 360)

Forza Horizon Rally review

Arguably the best racing game of 2012 is back with an expansion pack that tackles a new racing genre for Turn10 Studios – stage-racing rally.

After the massively successful attempt at open-world arcade racing, Forza Horizon charters new territory once again. But does this expansion meet the expectations of Forza loyalist as well as Rally purists?

Turn 10 Studios is known to constantly add new content to satisfy easily apathetic gamers. This time round, they opted to expand their racing footprint with a rather hefty 1.01GB DLC costing 1,600 MS Points..

Strapping in for a test drive

The beautiful and exciting location of Colorado is the perfect backdrop for rally events and Forza Horizon makes fantastic use of those massive jumps, flying straights, and unforgiving terrain. Tackling these routes is no easy feat. To aid you in true rally fashion, you’re given a co-driver. I found this to be super accurate and essential to shaving off those crucial seconds on the stopwatch.

Another feature that helps to ease out the hair-raising racing is the very necessary “rewind” function. For example, you’ve done about 90% of the course, you push the car too hard, you roll it or hit a tree – and simply rewind like it never happened. It’s times like these that you realise how invaluable this function is.

Gameplay is extremely fast paced but accurate, there’s great realism to the cars handling – which Forza is famous for.

Chariots of Fire

Forza Horizon Rally Expansion is not simply new events with a co-driver but a fully-fledged rally experience. The DLC features 5 all-new rally cars to take on those tricky special routes as well as your nerves. But it doesn’t stop there; all vehicles in Forza Horizon now have the ability to be “tuned” to Rally specifications within Forza Rally mode – with inclusion of dirt tyres, suspension, close-ratio transmissions, and in some cases gorgeous rally body kits and accessories.

Champagne Victory

Forza Horizon Rally Expansion is a well-polished attempt at this niche racing genre that not only challenges other rally titles on the market but could obliterate them on car handling alone.

In my opinion this will not satisfy rally purists seeing as Forza Horizon is based on fiction and no real racing teams, drivers, or World Rally Championship race courses are featured – but that’s not the point.

What Forza Horizon has done is to revitalize their already great game with more entertainment that reaches an even greater audience. Sadly, one disappointment found in our Forza Horizon review that became even more evident in this DLC was the lack of mechanical damage.

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Forza Horizon Rally expansion review (Xbox 360)

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