The 5 must-know tips for Final Fantasy XV

Final fantasy XV is finally here and with it dozens of hour of awesome adventuring and questing.

Before starting your mammoth journey however, there are a couple of must-know Tips and tricks to get the most out of your time with the game.

Check them out below:

You don’t have to do every side-quest

Many of the side-quests in Final Fantasy XV are simple fetch quests or delivery tasks.

Others are more story-driven, but even these you don’t have to rush through as you can return to the world and mop up even once the game has been completed.

In fact, some side-quests and missions make finishing the game almost mandatory and provide a decent end-game.

Try to complete your questing during the day

While many missions and quests require you to stay up late, the FF XV’s open-world is a lot tougher at night.

New, tougher monsters appear making travelling a much more arduous task.

These monsters also bestow much more XP and better drops than those present during the day, so you could also use night-time to your advantage.

Use Ignis

Without delving too much into spoiler territory, one of your party’s characters, Ignis, has some very useful abilities.

Liberal use of his “Regroup” skill can turn even the most dificult battle to your advantage.

As such, we highly reccomend you upgrade him as quickly and as early as possible.


Watch the movie and anime first

One of the biggest complaints surrounding FF XV is that the story can feel incredibly disjointed at times.

There is a relatively easy way to remedy this however – watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.

As a standalone movie it’s not particularly great and it still doesn’t explain everything that’s happening in Final Fantasy XV, but it does explain a lot of vital backstory and character motivations.

In addition we suggest you check out the anime series “Brotherhood” to get an even better idea of what’s going on.

Stock up on potions

Potions are admittedly a tad broken in FF XV, but they’re also vital to get though some of the tougher portions of the games.

If you have enough potions in your inventory it’s almost impossible for your party to get completely wiped.

They’re also dirt-cheap, so there really isn’t any excuse not to have at least a few on you.

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The 5 must-know tips for Final Fantasy XV

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