Fortnite gets PS4-Xbox One crossplay due to configuration issue

Crossplay between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is not supported by Sony or Microsoft, but a “configuration issue” allowed Fortnite players on Xbox One and PS4 to play together this past weekend.

Reddit user noticed the issue after he saw a player with an Xbox Gamertag in his lobby while he was playing on his PS4.

The thread quickly grew, with many players confirming they were playing against others on different consoles.

One gamer even shared an image of an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the same room connecting to the same game.

“We had a configuration issue and it has now been corrected,” a spokesperson for Epic Games told Engadget.

The configuration issue implies that the only barrier preventing crossplay between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is an artificial one.

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  • ratnik

    I don’t understand why they would artificially limit crossplay between consoles. The larger the player base, the better succeas the game will be. And ultimately everyone wants to game with their friends.

  • JustaComment

    I suspect the reason is to sort of force people to buy both consoles

  • Smuroh

    Technically Microsoft is all for crossplay its Sony that doesn’t want to come to the table and is holding the world of gaming back.

  • Jaco Vermeulen

    They make it sound like a positive thing that they corrected the issue. More accurately though, they have now blocked traffic exchange between consoles. Gaming is heading for a fast high of profits, but will crash inevitably. Marketing see games as a provability on a service base. Rather than see it for what is actually is, an artwork, and an entertainment product. I dont buy a movie, then pay later more to enable more parts of the movie, or to change the clothing of the actors. As we move into a mixed reality of playable movies, i hope that developers will start to stand up to the marketing oppressors.

  • IsDaTruth

    Seems like almost everyone forgot that Microsoft turned down Sony last gen and now that Sony’s doing the same everyone wants to b#### about how Sony “is holding the world of gaming back”.

  • Robert Hart

    Probably because PS4 holds a far greater market share, and so there are far more players playing the game (to play against) on PS4. Sony probably feel that this is a reason to rather play the game on PS4 and by allowing cross-play, they are losing that advantage and equaling the playing field. Xbox did the same to Sony while Xbox had the upper hand in the previous console war.

Fortnite gets PS4-Xbox One crossplay due to configuration issue

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