Video games that didn’t need any microtransactions

Borderlands 2 Microtransactions

While video games like Star Wars: Battlefront 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty: WWII, Battlefield 1, Destiny 2 and pretty much every other game on the market, make use of heavy in-game purchases, there are games that don’t.

To make this even better there are games out there that could have used microtransactions as much as they wanted but instead left them out. Here are some games that we need to appreciate due to the lack of in-game purchases.

Super Smash Bros Wii U – Cosmetics and Gold

Super Smash Bros is a great brawler on the Wii U and it has the perfect opportunity to have a load of microtransactions included in it. From the ability to buy those awesome figurines, or even the currency used to unlock them or pay to play the minigame that is the best route to get them.

Not to mention the vast array of skins and especially the Mii characters that have so many outfits you can equip them with.

Nintendo could have easily added a loot box system that let you spend gold to open chests that contained these cosmetic items and they could have also easily offered players ways to spend money on gold to buy the statues and the many collectables you can unlock in the game.

While the game did indeed have DLC packs, these were limited and were not locking any major content away at all.

Super Smash Bros

Borderlands 2 – Golden Keys

Call it before its time but Gearbox Software had the foundations of a loot box in Borderlands but without the premium needed to pay for it.

The Golden Key was used to unlock a rare chest in the game that had a random drop of loot. This could be weapons, mods, and even grenades. Using a Golden Key would open this chest and reward you with gear on the level you were at.

Sounds like the perfect loot box right? Well wrong! Borderlands 2 had no way to get the keys at all besides earning them through what 2K called Shift Codes.

These codes were given out by Gearbox during the game’s lifespan and they would give you five to ten keys in the game which you could use to open this chest.

Borderlands could have easily made these keys purchasable with real money in packs of five to one hundred but they didn’t and we thank them for that.

Horizon Zero Dawn – Crafting Materials and boxes

Aloy’s adventure in Horizon Zero Dawn is a great one but it is made better thanks to the lack of any in-game purchases.

Sure, the game just got an expansion but it is a massive chunk of content that the team worked on after its initial release.

I have no complaints there at all. We are actually lucky as Horizon Zero Dawn makes for the perfect candidate for in-game purchases thanks to its crafting system and loot boxes in the game.

Yes, you actually get boxes of loot in the game in forms of chests that contain random gear. The best thing of all is that you don’t need to pay for them with any money but the stuff you earn in the game.

If this was a Ubisoft game it would give you the option to buy them with Helix Credits…just saying. Talking about Ubisoft, the crafting materials in Horizon Zero Dawn are also a bit grinding but it is not a problem as that is how the game has been made.

There is no “time saving” packs at all to pay for resources with real money as I dare say other games do. Horizon Zero Dawn just works with the great game currency it has and oh, by the way, it has also sold over 4 million copies.

For a single player game that no one is interested in anymore that is pretty impressive, right EA?

Far Cry 4 + Primal – Time Saving

Believe it or not but while Ubisoft was busy milking gamers dry for their money with Assassin’s Creed: Unity’s time-saving packs, Far Cry 4 had no microtransactions at all.

I know it sounds impossible but the only thing you could get for the game was an odd Uplay weapon and even that was more a novelty than anything else.

No extra packs that contained crafting materials like skins and hides to make your pouches bigger. Nothing at all.

The same can also be said for Far Cry Primal that also lacked any sort of in-game purchases besides one weapon pack DLC.

This was a surprise given how heavily Ubisoft was focusing on in-game purchases and that at the same time they openly implemented them into games like Assassin’s Creed: Unity, and even Syndicate.

If Far Cry 5 will get them is still a mystery but I hope they keep it away as the series is great as it is.

Games you've never finished - Far Cry 4

DOOM – Paid Maps as it should be

With every multiplayer game getting microtransactions you have thought 2015’s DOOM would have jumped on that too. Well, it was actually the opposite. All maps and content were paid for as packs with no microtransactions at all. id could have gone all out with them, to be honest as the game had a heavy customization system with skins for guns and different cosmetic items for characters.

It would have been easy for them to double up on the cosmetics, add them to loot boxes and then make the maps free but they did not and we have to thank them for that. In the end, we unlocked cosmetics the way we should have with progression and if we wanted the maps we paid for them right up to when they were free. Thanks, DOOM!


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Video games that didn’t need any microtransactions

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