Best TVs for Xbox Series S gaming

If you have an Xbox Series S console and are looking for something to play on that will also be great for streaming, then you are in luck.

As it happens, the TVs most suitable for gaming are usually also the best you can find for movies and streaming.

So if you’re buying a TV for your console, you don’t need to fret about needing a second set for streaming and movies.

However, for an Xbox Series S, you’ll need at the very least a 4K TV with low input lag and a high variable fresh rate.

With this in mind, we have selected five TVs that’ll meet these requirements and are available in different cost brackets.

So whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge after payday, there’s sure to be something to your liking.

All prices were collected from Takealot.

Hisense 43-inch A6G UHD Smart TV – R5,999

While it may be the cheapest TV on this list, it is by no means an indicator of low quality as the Hisense 43-inch is a brilliant affordable 4K TV.

This TV combines UHD 4K quality with Bluetooth, DTS Studio Sound, and an AI Upscaler for non-4K input.

Notably, for gaming, the screen also has a Game Mode which significantly reduces input lag and thus provides shorter delays between in-game inputs and onscreen reactions.

This feature is essential if you’re playing a competitive, reflex-heavy title such as a competitive shooter where slight, lightning-quick actions can make all the difference.

Thanks to its excellent visuals and AI Upscaling, when you’re not gaming and instead are watching your favourite series or movie, the picture quality will be excellent.

Overall, if you’re looking to upgrade or need a TV for console gaming and regular use, you can’t go wrong with the HiSense 43-inch A6G UHD Smart TV.

Samsung 43-inch AU7000 UHD Crystal Processor 4K Smart TV – R6,799

The next up on the list is the Samsung 43-inch AU7000 which offers excellent value for money.

The AU7000 has a 4K 43-inch screen with PureColor, allowing the TV to express a greater change of colours for optimal performance.

Likewise, it also boasts a Crystal Processor that ensures the best possible 4K visuals.

Finally, the screen has Motion Xcelerator, ensuring smooth action and visual transitions.

The screen can also integrate seamlessly with your PC, laptop and smartphone, so it is not only great for console gamers but also a good option for those looking to work on their computer while using a bigger screen.

In terms of what it offers, the Samsung 43-inch is an excellent option at its price point.

TCL 55-inch 55P725 4K Android Google TV – R8,999

The TCL 55-inch is the third option on the list and the first at a mid-range price point.

Like the other screens, this one also offers 4K UHD, but this TV also includes Hands Free Voice Control 2.0 functionality.

It also boasts Dolby Vision technology to provide stunning visuals, and with Dolby Atmos, you’ll get access to high-quality audio without needing to purchase speakers.

On the gameplay front, the TCL 55-inch has an Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), which allows for super-fast game input latency – ideal for gaming.

The screen’s compatibility with current game consoles and the unique benefits of a hands-free control option makes the TCL 55-inch a brilliant choice.

TCL 55-inch 55C725 QLED 4K Google TV – R10,999

The fourth screen is the TCL 55-inch 55C725 4K Google TV which offers even better technologies than the previous option at a slightly increased price.

Like the previous TCL screen, it offers 4K visuals but augments this with Quantum Dot technology and Wide Colour Gamut, which bring a wider array of colours, as well as more contrast and clarity.

The TV also boasts Onkyo Audio for rich sound quality should you not already have a sound system set up.

The TCL 55-inch 55C725 also has ALLM and a hands-free mode.

If you’re looking for the features offered by the TCL 55-inch 55P725 4K Android Google TV but want even better visuals, then the 55C725 is your best bet.

LG OLED65C9 Digital 4K Smart TV – R42,999

If you want the best possible option and money is not an issue, then the LG OLED65C9 is one of the best options.

This screen boasts visuals of breathtaking quality thanks to an A9 Intelligent Processor with deep learning AI that takes latency and graphical capabilities to the next level.

This TV also offers leading sound technologies like 5.1 Virtual Surround Sound so that you get a highly immersive experience.

The screen also has AI Smart, OLED Black, Dolby Vision and Atmos Cinema, which further augment the viewing experience.

These visuals are great for gamers as OLED Black provides rich details, vibrant colours, a wide viewing angle.

With 1ms response times, 12.9ms input lag and VRR and ALLM, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more responsive experience when gaming.

Notably, the screen is also EYE Comfort Display Certified by TUV Rheinland thanks to its low blue light emissions.

If you’re looking for the best visual features with cutting-edge TV tech that ensures the best possible experience when gaming, streaming or working, then this is the best choice.

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Best TVs for Xbox Series S gaming

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