Forza 4 Hyundai Veloster DLC review

Forza 4 has spoilt us all with their range of monthly car packs.  Turn 10 has however teamed up with Hyundai to bring us a free DLC that’s now available on the Xbox Marketplace –  similar to what we saw with Forza 3’s Hyundai Genesis car pack back in 2009.

Most wouldn’t bother with a “Hyundai” car pack but, hey, it’s free – you don’t need a reason better than that.

But for you pessimists out there, the pack contains the cheeky and funky looking 2013 Veloster Turbo and an intense 500hp racing variation dubbed the Rhys Millen Racing Veloster.

Did I mention that the Veloster Turbo is an Autovista model?  Oh yes…giving us a reason to revisit our Autovista garages we all love so much.

A disappointment however was finding no review by Jeremy Clarkson this time round, which could have added to the overall Autovista experience.

What boggled my mind is the minute size of only 47.64 MB! So there’s no excuse not to download it.

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Forza 4 Hyundai Veloster DLC review

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