Watch the Xbox reveal event live, play the drinking game

Xbox new generation revealed

The day has finally arrived, and Microsoft is on the cusp of finally revealing the next-generation Xbox that has been keeping everyone guessing.

Taking place today (Tuesday, 21 May 2013) at 19h00 SAST, Microsoft will officially reveal its next-gen Xbox.

The event won’t only be about the new console though: Activision is preparing to show off Call of Duty: Ghosts; something regarding Battlefield 4 is to be announced by EA; and FIFA 14 will also make its debut.

There have been hordes of next-gen Xbox rumours, but its finally time to find out the truth. So tune in tonight at 19h00 to find out what Microsoft has been hiding.

To watch the entire presentation, head over to the Xbox Wire’s official stream:

If you’re looking to spice things up during the presentation, you can participate in the unofficial Xbox reveal drinking game.

If anything on the right takes place throughout the course of the event, you must drink the corresponding amount. MyGaming wishes you all the best.

Xbox Reveal drinking game

MyGaming supports responsible drinking and does not advocate the abuse of alcoholic beverages. The Xbox reveal drinking game is intended for responsible adults of legal drinking age. Proceed with caution. Image source: Reddit

Following the show, there will be a post-event recap from Xbox community manager Major Nelson through Twitch TV, which is embedded below.

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Watch the Xbox reveal event live, play the drinking game

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