Xbox One: “E3 is all about the games”

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Following the reveal event of the Xbox One, many gamers were concerned with the lack of game announcements and demonstrations at the presentation, but Microsoft’s rep has assured gamers that the reveals are still to come.

“E3 is absolutely all about the games,” said Xbox UK marketing chief Harvey Eagle. “E3 is gaming, gaming, gaming. We’ve been very clear about that internally in our planning.

Eagle spoke about the Microsoft event which some Internet denizens found underwhelming with regards to actual game news.

“We felt that there was another part, and we didn’t want to wait until after E3 to start telling that story,” explained Eagle.

“So that’s why we went with the plan [at the reveal]: to come out of the gate with the overall vision for the box, an all-in-one device with games, TV and entertainment. We didn’t want to forget games entirely tonight, because then there’s the risk that people think we’re forgetting them, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. But we tried to be clear that E3 completes the story, and that’s where you’ll see the games.”

The Xbox marketing chief emphasised that the team has no illusions that they want the Xbox One to be something other than a serious gaming console.

“I understand that people want to see the games, play the games and then make a judgement. That’s fair and reasonable, and we’re not so naïve to think otherwise,” added Eagle.

“I hope people weren’t confused about games still being absolutely critical and fundamental to us. We are a gaming machine that is designed deliver the best experiences in gaming. What we want to try and do is more than that, and we have a box that can do more than that without compromising being the best games console out there.”

So looks like E3 2013 will in fact bring a focus of game announcements and demoes. Could we be seeing a new Halo, Gears of War, or Fable? Let us know what you want when E3 swings around in June.

Source: Games Industry

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Xbox One: “E3 is all about the games”

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