Xbox One game trade-ins explained

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After the incredibly confusing explanations of how the second-hand Xbox One game market will work, a “high-ranking” industry source has given more clarity on the convoluted subject.

The concern arose when it was explained that an activation fee is needed if you lend a game to a friend. However, if you trade in your game to a retail store, and then another gamer goes and buys it, they will not pay the activation fee – the retailer will.

The source confirmed that part of that activation fee will go to a publisher and part to Microsoft.

The confusion still exists with how hefty the activation price will be, as Microsoft is yet to set the amount.

So, to summarise, you will purchase a second-hand game according to its lowered retail price. Then the store will pay the activation fee, and you’re free to take your used game home, according to the source.

Seems like the small details of this are slowly emerging, but there are still many unanswered questions about the second-hand Xbox One process.

Source: Eurogamer

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Xbox One game trade-ins explained

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