Fable Anniversary announced

Lionhead Studios has announced Fable Anniversary, an HD remake of the original Fable for Xbox 360. This will therefore not be compatible on the upcoming Xbox One (until they inevitably decide to port it to that system).

The game will essentially be a polished up version of the original game, which was released on the first Xbox in 2004, but will feature new visuals and achievements.

The lighting and cut-scene visuals will be enhanced by Unreal Engine 3, giving it a current-gen look and feel.

Lionhead Studios designer Ted Timmins said that the game’s choice and consequences theme of the Fable franchise will play into the achievements in some way.

The designer also explained that the game will be getting a new user interface and control enhancements, and a modernised save-system.

Smartglass will also be featured in the game, allowing players to use their smartphones or tablets as a map, or to share screenshots and other elements of the game.

Fable Anniversary is scheduled to be released later this year.

Source: Major Nelson

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Fable Anniversary announced

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