Xbox One Internet speed requirements, game trades clarified

Xbox One

Following the Xbox One reveal on 21 May 2013, there was a conflicting message from Microsoft on how they would handle some important elements of the console, such as always-on Internet requirements, second-hand game selling and sharing games with friends, and privacy concerns around the Kinect.

Well, Microsoft seems to have finally pulled themselves together, and have put up a neat website clarifying all this.

Xbox One and the Internet

  • Microsoft recommends a 1.5Mbps Internet connection for a reasonable experience.
    • Apparently you can connect using mobile broadband, but Microsoft did not clarify if this is directly supported via the console, or simply makes use of a mobile broadband wireless hotspot.
  • The Xbox One will need to use the Internet to call home once every 24-hours on your primary console.
  • If you are accessing your games library on another console, you can remain offline for 1 hour before the console tries to call home.
  • An Internet connection will not be required to use the TV and movie features of the Xbox One.
  • Among other things, The Xbox One will use its Internet connection to check for updates, check if you have purchased new games, or resold, traded in, or given your game to a friend.
  • The Xbox One will run in a low-power connected state to keep itself up to date when it is not being used.

Second hand games, game lending, and game licenses

  • Games will apparently be available on Xbox Live on the same day as the retail launch.
  • You can access your game library on any Xbox One console after signing in to Xbox Live.
  • You can grant access to 10 family members to have access to your games library from any Xbox One console. It is not described how Microsoft will distinguish between family and friends, or how the permissions can be adjusted.
  • Anyone can play games on your primary Xbox One console.
  • You can share a game with a friend if the game publisher has allowed their game to be shared.
    • There are two requirements: you can only give them to people who have been on your friends list for at least 30 days and each game can only be given once.

Second-hand disc-based games

  • Allowing second-hand game trade-in will a decision left up to the publisher of the game.
    • 3rd-party publishers may opt in or out of supporting game resale, setting up the business terms or transfer fees.
  • Microsoft as a publisher will allow gamers to give games to friends or trade in.
    • Microsoft will not charge a fee to consumers, retailers or publishers for enabling transfer of second-hand games.
  • Microsoft included a caveat saying they could change their mind about any of this when they feel like it.

Xbox One and privacy

  • During setup, the Kinect will present numerous privacy options, such as automatic or manual sign-in, and clear notifications about how data is used.
  • Microsoft clarified that “When Xbox One is on and you’re simply having a conversation in your living room, your conversation is not being recorded or uploaded.”
  • You can “pause” the Kinect sensor while playing games or watching TV.
  • You can disable the voice-activation system, such as commands to turn the Xbox One off and on.
  • For games and apps that require Kinect, it will have to be switched on.
  • Some games and apps collect data, such as videos, photos, facial expressions, and heart rate; Microsoft says this data will not leave your Xbox One without your explicit permission.

With a lot more clarity on these issues, now what do you think of the Xbox One and its next-gen approach to gaming? Let us know in the comments below and on the MyGaming forum.

We await E3 2013, which kicks off on 10 June, to learn more about the Xbox One game lineup.

Source: Xbox Wire

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  • George Van Der Westhuizen

    XBox One will die in SA

  • Kevin Pool

    Sadly it seems its goodbye Xbox, hello Playstation

  • Mujeeb Lambarey

    So sad. I’m such a Xbox fan but with all the limitation the Xbox One has, I think I will have to get used to the PS controller.

  • Greg Jenkins

    At the end of the day, this is what piracy has led to… look at it from the eyes of the manufacturers, what choice do they have left? it was always coming to this and not long from now this is how every thing will be run sooner or later. i know it sucks but its the hard truth

  • Well, Windows 8 had an underwhelming launch, falling well short of sales expectations. The Surface had an underwhelming launch, given competing tablets at similar price points already in the market. They’re pushing Windows Store like crazy to try and get developers on – not a great indicator of their Phone division’s performance, if you consider that Android and iOS were basically “meh, whatever”, when it came to promoting themselves.

    Microsoft really can’t afford to mess up the Xbox One launch. I get that they’re trying to get all the major publishers and content providers on board, but as an end user, all I’m seeing is a box I pay more money for, that lets me play sequels for games I’m already familiar with, with added features that make no sense outside of the US, where the publishers will probably block the trading/lending features anyway.

  • LintonCaldecott

    So, the console has the same features as the 360, it has extra features, some of which might and might not work in SA… it allows for more visually stunning games than the 360 and everyone is upset and vow to go to PS4? Why?

  • Richard Wilken

    So if the issue is piracy why are they attacking the used game markets too? It has been proven time and time again that piracy is not the issue they make it out to be.

  • NicoR

    This is just wack. I get why this all applies…

    But what the hell happened to just putting in a disc and playing?

  • NicoR

    They might as well not even sell it here.

  • Martin Sibara

    this feels like rules i can and can not do with the consol. wtf.
    keep it simple. i wana play games or lend them to whom ever i want.
    and why rely so much on the internet huh? geez!!

  • Mafenya Lovin

    Microsoft you greedy bastards!!!

  • Ryan

    I was never a fan of any xbox. It’s just funny to see them failing even more. Microsoft is just plain greedy…. they covering their f*up with windows 8 with another f*up. Its a console that you can watch tv on and have all the features you want. maybe play games…. but thats not important rather watch tv

  • Jameson Walker

    You can buy PS controllers with the ergonomics of the xbox controller, you just have to look around

  • Allister Lesar

    EPIC FAIL!!!!

  • Dave Thompson

    What happens to users who dont have an internet connection? Will they not be allowed to play games they have purchased? Seems a bit drastic to cut off a huge chunk of the market that can afford to buy the console and the games, but cant get internet.

    Also, if you lend your game to a friend once, and he gives it back, does that mean you cannot lend it to him again ever? What if he doesnt have internet?

  • Luke Johnstone

    It requires at least a 1.5mbps connection… Luckly I don’t live where I work.. The telkom lines are so crap that we can’t even sync at 2mbps..

  • They couldn’t have chased me further away from the Xbox One launch if they had beaten me with a stick…

  • I never thought I would say this, but after being a loyal Xbox fan since 2006, I am going to be buying a PS4. I cannot understand the logic of always on, and I cannot agree with their lock-down on the secondhand market. The console will not work without the Kinect? Really!?

    It’s like someone I’ve known and loved has suddenly turned into a crack whore, only interested in stealing my hard-earned cash. No thanks, Microsoft. Get out of my house.

  • “For we own the exclusive rights to every game on the planet!”

  • I thought the Kinect was bundled in the $499? Maybe I was too optimistic :/

  • Jacks

    It is. But the console can’t be used without it and with this whole NSA business going on do you really want a camera and mic always on in your living room?

  • Listen. Don’t make a big deal of it. It’s just like your smart phone’s camera….. If your smart phone’s camera was randomly recording you and taking pictures of the people in your living room. Yikes!

  • JadedJaws

    ugh..oh well..hello PS4 it seems..just need to find a a ps controller that is as ergonomically awesome…

  • Mas’ood Ely

    I’m sorry, but if you don’t have a broadband internet in 2013 then you
    are very far behind. This is NEXT GEN technology. Our smart phones all
    require always on internet. I agree with MS that if you want to buy 2nd
    hand games and so on, then stick to your 360 and stay BEHIND. Allowing
    all of this is just leaning towards the previous generation. Next gen is
    supposed to be a leap forward. At this stage, the only thing PS4 is
    better at than the PS3 is gaming power. I’m not about to take out R5000
    for that. 8 years since the PS3 launched and this is all they can come
    up with? A better processor? A better GPU? The controller looks the same
    except with a touchpad. That they say will be around for the next 10
    years? Is that it? Think about how far technology will in 5 years time.
    That PS4 will look basic. I assure you. Think long and hard guys. Not
    one of you have seen the consoles in action but you made up you mind.
    That like marrying someone you haven’t even met. I suggest people give
    Microsoft a chance before making any rash decisons. Sony fter all is a
    company whose looking at debt in the region of trillions of dollars.
    Hardly a company with supporting. wait for the reviews. And make a decision.

  • DatOldNoob .

    Never seen so much hypocrisy in one post. Smart phones don’t always need to be connected to the internet. Try a search of internet usage stats, and learn something, instead of opening your mouth. I suggest people give Sony a chance before making any rash decisons. I mean Microsoft’s controller looks the same except without a touchpad.

    WTF? “Sony fter all is a company whose looking at debt in the region of trillions of dollars.” You realise that the GDP of Japan is less than $6 trillion?

    Stop writing such tripe and start reading.

  • William Mitchell

    I think the new console is great but I do agree that the always-on internet is a bit of a wrong-turn on MS’ part… I don’t know the stats, but if I had to guess, I’d say that there are more people in the world without internet than those who do. For me it’s not a massive issue, but I’m still not too fond of it.

    The second-hand game thing… While I can understand that people (like myself) are seriously annoyed with paying R700+ for a game and then can’t sell it, I can also see the point of view of the publishers. If EA publishes a game and Makro buys it, they pay EA. (Indirectly, but it’s the principle that applies here) If I then go buy it I pay my share. But if I sell it to someone else, the publisher gets nothing. So two people get to play a game, yet only one “paid” for it. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s the worst idea MS ever came up with, and I don’t like it one bit, but I do understand it to a limited extent…

  • Dylan

    So PS4 is more powerful, less restrictive, works here, doesn’t need a connection that’s unavailable in my area, doesn’t need always on internet (helpful with Telkom), and is cheaper. Well ladies and mentlegents, it seems that we have a winner!

Xbox One Internet speed requirements, game trades clarified

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