Xbox One pricing “isn’t ridiculous”: Microsoft

Don Mattrick

Microsoft’s Don Mattrick hadn’t won the hearts of many gamers following his solution to Xbox One’s always-online requirements – now the Xbox boss has made a second attempt, saying that the company is “over-delivering value” with the Xbox One’s price tag.

“It’s a lower number than some of the analysts had forecast,” Mattrick said regarding the $499 pricing for the upcoming console.

“We’re over-delivering value against other choices I think consumers can get. Any modern product these days you look at it [and] $499 isn’t a ridiculous price point. We’re delivering thousands of dollars of value to people, so I think they’re going to love it when they use it.”

Another interesting mention was that Mattrick referred to the new Halo game, known as Halo One at the expo, as “Halo 5”.

A talking point of the interview is also the price difference between the Xbox One and the PS4, which Sony announced will be priced at $399. Mattrick emphasised the improvements to Xbox Live and its attraction as another reason for the higher price point.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • “Thousands of Dollars of value.” Where? From free games? From optimised performance? I’m not getting his drift…

  • Qrox

    … and the hole they are digging is just getting deeper and deeper…

  • Yeah I used to be a die-hard xbox fan… MS’s attitude lately (and not just regarding the Xbox One mind you) is to just to spin a story or throw money at a problem instead of addressing the issue. They’re acting like a monarchy, not a company that wants to make sales. I couldn’t help but see the difference at the E3 conferences. MS guys acted like high-paid execs that couldn’t really care less for gaming, but their jobs, bonuses and lives depended on it. No “soul” or “substance”. The Sony guys however were friendly, personal, proud of their product…

  • Jaid Orfali

    He’s right, the pricing is fine, its the damn console that’s ridiculous 🙂

  • Darryl Le Roux

    I think Bill Gates’ return to Microsoft is in the nick of time. Hopefully his attitude will run down the chain of leadership.

    Mattrick by himself is running this company down due to his attitude over everything. His arrogance is deafening.

    I really could have lived with the always on, have to buy new games. I really would have, but unfortunately, when it is explained in such a manner to the public, it was the turning point for me.

  • Darryl Le Roux

    Agree 100%

  • Darryl, exactly. The whole attitude these days literally stinks of profit margins and nothing else! You’re still selling your products to REAL people Microsoft! I’m not saying that MS ever had anything resembling soul or substance, but they’ve never been so blatantly flippant!

  • Johann Botha

    Its playstation 3 all over again…..

  • mika’eel

    So wat do you mean that it’s better to buy the ps4

Xbox One pricing “isn’t ridiculous”: Microsoft

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