Microsoft kicks off E3 2014 with a gaming blast

Thankfully, Microsoft didn’t mess around at E3 2014. The new Xbox division head Phil Spencer opened the show with a subtle acknowledgement that their 2013 Xbox One reveal showcase fell flat, saying that E3 2014 was all about the games for Microsoft.

And they had me hooked for 90 minutes of gaming promise, from the yearly AAA franchises being trotted out, to some intriguing indie games under their [email protected] programme, and all the bombastic exclusives in between (Sunset Overdrive looks to be quite absurdly fun). There was barely any time for PR hyperbole.

Highlights for me included Sunset Overdrive gameplay, Witcher 3 gameplay, the revival of Crackdown, and some emotive indie titles such as Inside and Ori.

It’s actually difficult to summarise in words the volume of content Microsoft had on show, and they also left out a few of the titles we already know about and expect to see more of on the show floor over the coming days.

Seriously, go check out their Youtube channel to see trailers for various games they are publishing (that doesn’t include a lot of the third party stuff): Microsoft Xbox YouTube channel

To catch up with everything it’s best to watch the replay of the conference, which at the time of writing isn’t online (I’ll update as soon as it’s available).

It’s definitely an exciting time to be a gamer.

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Microsoft kicks off E3 2014 with a gaming blast

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